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Trade Show Shipping Cases

These trade show display shipping cases are of higher quality and more rugged construction than those that came with your display or graphic.  Steel handle and buckles make these  containers the best on the market for your trade show display.

Plasma shipping case, LCD shipping case
NEW Plasma Screen Case - Gator Lift Cases for 50" & up to 65" screens.

Gator GTour Lift 50" Plasma screen case - Non-electric hydraulic lift plasma shipping cases. Extends  with up to 125 lbs. There are 4  stop positions, 52,58,64 or 72 inch heights. Includes universal mounting bracket. This plasma case has a UL approved recepticle that is built into the case.  Carpet covered interior. Included in the price is a trade show quality drape that covers all the lifting hardware for a finished look.   There is an indicator that warns of improper handling by the UPS gorillas. Available for up to 50" and up to 65" plasma screens.

Other Plasma Options Available -
Other types of Plasma shipping cases,  LCD shipping case, TV shipping case

Popup Trade Show Display CasesShipping Cases for Trade Shows

Trade show display shipping case for Popup Displays with large work surface on top, lockable latches and internal separators for frames and panels. Case has real wheels and screw on axel.

For graphics.
Graphics shipping cases

New GrafX - Tubular Shipping containers for those valuable trade show display graphics.  Fixed length or adjustable, rotationally molded with or without wheels molded in.  Some of these products can be nested within each other to provide added protection against damage to your trade show graphics.

Gator Cases

Gator Cases provides custom and rack cases solutions.  Gator is a leading supplier of audio/video and rackmount solutions for the audio and video industries.  Shipping Cases Now offers the Gator high quality line of cases. From pioneering many new manufacturing processes to developing cutting-edge case solutions, Gator continues its position as the industry leader and has become the benchmark for high quality, innovative products at competitive prices. Gator cases offer a wide range of product selection which could provide you the right case for your needs.

Golf Club Travel Cases

Golf Travel Cases

These are hard cases for golf clubs.  If you travel to beautiful golf courses, we’ve got the right golf club travel cases to protect your clubs. Our new golf travel case is designed to fit most carry and cart bags and enough extra room for extra articles.. Also, since it is 3” longer than other hard cases for golf clubs, it will hold the new longer drivers and the new popular "belly" putters.

Shipping Cases for trade show equipment, computers, audio video, projectors.Trade Show Shipping Cases

ATA Indestructo shipper
High impact HDPE with (.200–.300) plastic thickness. These cases withstands temperature extremes of -40 to 185


Shipping Cases Zarges Aluminum

Zarges Aluminum Cases

Aluminum is approximately 1/3 rd of the density of steel but has very high strength properties. All aluminum cases have lockable latches. Wheels and telescoping handles available.

ATA Rack Cases.

ATA Rack shipping cases
ATA Racks  - Standard 19" rack width per EIA standards.  Redesigned rack mount travel cases frame with threaded steel rails and aluminum cross components forming an "H" shaped rigid configuration.SKB Roto Molded shipping cases


Projector Shippers - Ship those expensive DLP / LCD projectors safely with these waterproof cases with pressure relief valves.  Built in telescoping handles and wheels available


Pelican Camera Cases

Pelican Camera Cases

Golf Cases2SKB-4812WS

Gator Cases

Gator Cases

Gator Cases have a long history of providing quality shippers to the music industry as well as many industrial applications.  With shippers for midi controller , keyboards, plasma tv screens and many innovative cases Gator Cases fit the needs of any kind of business and their freight case or trade show shipper needs.  With new cases being developed everyday we are please to offer the ever expanding high quality line of Gator cases.

Rack Shock Proof Shipping Cases


Standard  19" racks width per EIA standards.  24" between rails, 4.5" lid depth.  Lid provides 1" molded "plug" seal with body providing great seal and anti-shear properties.  Stacks securely wheels on or off.  Load range - 40 to 150 lbs. with pressure equalization valve and redesigned rackmount frames with threaded steel rails.  Rubber gaskets on front and rear of the rack cases.SKB Roto Molded rack mount cases

See our new 20" wheeled rolling shock mount case.

New! Seahorse Brand Molded

Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases

Seahorse shipping cases are designed to keep your valuable equipment safe from all elements.

Sea Horse Shipping cases

Computer Cases

Computer shipping cases

Waterproof Laptop Shipping Case
Category: Mil Std Waterproof
Series: 3I Cases - Computer cases for single or mulitple laptop computers. Computer Case Details

Pelican Cases - High Quality Roto Molded with Pick & Pluck foamPelican Shipping Cases

High quality pelican cases make excellent camera cases, computers, guns, carry on ship cases.  Pelican cases are waterproof with a neoprene gasket in the lid tongue and groove and a pressure relief valve for safe airline travel.  Guaranteed for its Lifetime.

Plastic ShippersSKB Military Shipping Cases - Roto Molded

New SKB Roto Molded.
These cases were designed to meet the most demanding military case specifications.  They are roto-molded for strength and durability, airtight and water proof with solid stainless steel latches and hinges that will withstand the most demanding conditions and they are padlock lockable.

ATA molded shipping casesATA Shipping Cases
 Rugged, thermo- formed polyethylene ata cases. Heavy duty recessed turn fasteners.  Spring loaded rubber grip handle, full length continuous hinge.

Plasma TV Screen Cases  - NEW!  Protect those valuable plasma screen displays in ATA 300 Category I Certified Cases. These are definitely not just a "box with locks".  High quality plasma screen shipping containers.
Plasma TV Shipping Containers


SKB Gun Cases

Gun cases, rifle cases, shotgun cases.  These gun cases protect your weapons from all manner of harmful liquids like acids, gasoline, oil, and solvents of all kinds.  The tongue and groove lid features a neoprene gasket that keeps harmful liquids and moisture out.

Lightweight Shipping Cases

Shipping Cases for Airline Carry Onpelican cases injection molded
Airline Carry On Cases
Designed specifically for the new airlines specifications for carry on cases.  We've assembled the most popular, highest quality line of travel and shipping cases available

Custom Shipping Cases

New LT Fabricated Cases

See our new LT substrate for making fabricated shipping containers.  Lightweight but as strong as the old plywood and fiberglass construction, these custom made cases can be built to suit your exact needs.

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